Edson Barboza To Face Evan Dunham in UFC 146

Adding color to what could be UFC’s Memorial Day weekend fight card’s “Fight of The Night,” is a match between undefeated striker Edson Barboza going up against re-energized brawler Evan Dunham at UFC 146.

UFC President Dana White confirmed the fight between the two fighter through his official Twitter account. The undercard which a lot of MMA fans and aficionados calls a match worth watching will be a great opener for the main event which features UFC Heavyweight Champion Junior Dos Santos defending his belt against Alistair Overeem.

UFC 146 will also feature a returning fighter, Jason “Mayhem” Miller, who recently egged his fans to pressure White and UFC officials to give him another shot at the Octagon. Mayhem will be facing C.B. Dollaway inside the cage.

Barboza who has an unblemished record of 10 wins, no loss will be entering the cage still in high spirit after his ridiculous third round spinning wheel kick knockout of Terry Etim in UFC 142. That fight earned him the “Fight of The Night” Award and also the “Knockout of the Night” honors. He is currently enjoying a 4-0 win-loss record in his Ultimate Fighting Championship career. The 26 year old have defeated the likes of Ross Pearson, Anthony Njokuani and Mike Lullo along with four “Fight Night” bonuses to his name.

His opponent, Dunham has 2 losses and 13 victories. The revitalized fighter just came out from two straight losses against Sean Sherk and Melvin Guillar. His loss halted his run to the title contention and appeared to have turned to his corner.

Dunham nicknamed the 3D has since then recovered and have even earned hard fought victories over Shamar Bailey and Nick Lentz. Dunham’s fight against Lentz vindicated his two sorry losses and this fight has even earned him the Fight of The Night Award, when he broke Lentz orbital bone prompting the latter to give up the fight.

MMA analyst and aficionados are looking forward to see a gruesome match between this fighters and hoped that this fight could land them the Fight of the Night award.

UFC 146 is scheduled on May 26, 2012 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Alistair Overeem’s Strongman Training

[dropcap]R[/dropcap]emember way back during the heydays of the Pride Fighting Championship, when the organization had the best Middleweight (or the 205 lbs. Light Heavyweight under the current unified MMA Rules) fighters in the world? From 2000 to 2006, Pride FC was at the top of the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) world, with its classic, exciting fights and spectacular introductions.

Back then, Pride’s middleweight division had the likes of Wanderlei Silva, Mauricio “Shogun” Rua, Ricardo Arona, Antonio Rogerio Nogueira, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, and many others. Sitting in the corner of the locker room as a dark horse was lanky 6’5 Dutchman Alistair Overeem, who was a talented kickboxer but never got the chance to fight for the title. His run towards the top were halted with knockout losses against Chuck Liddell, Arona, and losing to both Nogueira and Shogun twice.

Nobody doubted Overeem’s talent, but his strength and conditioning inside the Pride ring may have hindered his ability to finish against stronger and more durable opponents, despite being taller than his competition. After his devastating knockout loss to his rematch with Shogun Rua in 2007, Overeem decided to move to Heavyweight.

Bulking up may become a deterrent to your speed and conditioning, as was seen in his loss to Sergei Kharitonov in his first competitive MMA fight back at heavyweight in September of 2007. An epiphany has made Overeem start changing his training methods a month later, and his hard work paid off to win the inaugural Strikeforce Heavyweight Championship against Paul Buentello.

Change is Good

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]ince he started his unusual strength and conditioning program for MMA in October of 2007, Overeem has never tasted defeat, and is in contention for the undisputed Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Heavyweight belt against current champion Junior Dos Santos. And with his epiphany, he garnered a new nickname: Ubereem.

The artist also known as “The Demolition Man” started out at 220 lbs. when he just started incorporating his unorthodox training in 2007, to 250 lbs. a year later, and now has become a 265-pound human battering ram since his last fight with former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar in December of 2011.

His 12-fight unbeaten streak is the result of his perseverance. So how was he able to gain 45 lbs. of muscle, without losing his striking speed and muscular endurance?

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]side from the usual grappling and striking training, Alistair Overeem has added Strongman Training to his MMA strength and conditioning program. You know, the ones you see on TV where huge guys toss beer kegs, flip telephone poles and carry fire trucks for multiple reps. Not the cute barbell lifting you see in the gym. Overeem’s trainers believe that traditional weight training can only make you look more muscular, and not powerful. Plus, gym muscles tend to make you slower and lose your cardiovascular conditioning. Take note, he gained 45 lbs. of muscle, which is quite a feat in today’s athletic world.

Strongman training not only serves as a functional training, but it also emulates grappling movements, with objects heavier than the average heavyweight. If Overeem can handle massive objects almost a ton heavy, how much more for a 260 pound (or less) human being?

To become a strong and powerful fighter like Alistair, we’ll give you a peak at his strength and conditioning program. Since he carries twice or three times his body weight, consult your physician before undertaking on such a rigorous training method. Most of his equipment cannot be found inside your gym, so get ready to ask for things such as tractor tires, anchor ropes and huge concrete slabs.

Here is Alistair Overeem’s Strongman Training:

  • Warm-up (500-meter run)
  • Tire Flip (300 kg, up to 5 flips)
  • Step-up Stair Deadlifts (250 kg, 5 steps)
  • Log Overhead Lift (166 kg, up to 5 reps)
  • Telephone Pole Push (150 kg, up to 5 flips)
  • Keg Toss (100 kg, up to 5 reps)
  • Farmer’s Walk (4 x 100 meters, 100 kg each hand)
  • Backward Sled Drag (100 meters)
  • Atlas Stones (110 kg, up to 5 lifts)
  • Cardio Cool-down (2 kilometer run)

If you think this is grueling, remember that this is only a third of Overeem’s training. He still trains hard for Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Wrestling, among others. There are no excuses if you want to be as unstoppable as Overeem. You can substitute some of the lifting movements with a regular barbell, the farmer’s walk with dumbbells, and replace the atlas stones with a heavy bag. If that type of training can’t stop you, nothing will.


Elevation Training Mask Review

Elevation training mask is very important training equipment for any serious mixed martial artist. MMA, just like other forms of athletics, requires a lot of stamina, lung pressure, physical strength, mental strength and endurance on the side of the fighters hence, requires the best pressure training there is for best results. Elevation training mask is specially designed for MMA fighters training under normal environment conditions. They provide them with the same edge as those training at high altitudes, before combat.

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How the elevation training mask works?

According to experts, elevation training mask works by increasing pulmonary resistance to the lungs. This strengthens the diaphragm, increases the lung surface area while improving alveoli elasticity. For anyone who isn’t even as specialized in sports ad the experts, these characteristics are the ones that make athletes capable of pushing harder while enduring long periods of intense activity. In the process, this tremendously enhances their athletic performance during competition. The elevation training mask for MMA also works by thinning the amount of oxygen available to the lungs. Biologically, this tends to put more strain on the blood cells to supply more oxygen to the brain. As a result, more red blood cells and capillaries are manufactured in the body because of the proliferation of red blood cell making hormones popularly known as EPO (erythropoietin).  This increases the number of oxygen carrying cells in the blood, hence more energy. All of this impresses on the endurance levels of the body, bettering the overall athletic/MMA performance.

For the individuals using elevation training mask for their MMA training, here are some of the benefits they gain:

  • Strengthen the lungs by conditioning them to endurance pressure by building pulmonary resistance.
  • Improve anaerobic threshold as because they limit the amount of oxygen available to the lungs during training.
  • Improve the elasticity of the alveoli which in turn lower breathing difficulties and inflammatory responses.
  • Increase energy production during activity or training.
  • Improve the effectiveness of gaseous exchange.
  • Promote mental focus while releasing tensions which are very important for MMA sports success.
  • Increase the surface area of the diaphragm hence promotes ventilation.
  • They have three different nose pieces which further increase lung pressure this help athletes participating in MMA sports build more endurance before competing.



Based on the benefits astounded, elevation training mask for MMA training have some resounding pros:

  1. Elevation training mask for MMA is highly adjustable for easy use.
  2. Come in different sizes to provide the best fit for different head shapes and sizes.
  3. Well ventilated.
  4. Can serve as protective head gear in tough MMA matches.
  5. Generally durable and tough to manage the rigors of MMA training.
  6. Very affordable considering the importance of the role mask plays.
  7. Can be used for other functions apart from MMA sports training. For example, elevation training mask can help asthmatics learn to control their breathing with a near fabulous precision.



Like all other human creations, elevation training mask for MMA also comes with a few hitches, although many of them are subjective based on different user experiences.

  1. They get hot inside, especially after long periods of training.
  2. Visibility gets poor.



Elevation training mask for the MMA is very effective in its function. Although the mask has a few problems when it comes to visibility and heat, overall, it performs well. The elevation training mask is ideal for different forms of MMA training such as aerobic boxing and kick boxing, karate and general martial arts. In general, the elevation training masks is a must have MMA sports gear, comes at affordable prices and therefore, highly recommended. The training mask is a created by another mma fighter Sean Sherk.

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UFC 143 Aftermath: Do Carlos Condit Got What It Takes To Face GSP?

George St. Pierre remained unbeaten and has never put this on a test for four long years. But after UFC 143, things are about to change.

After Carlos Condit won the UFC Interim Welterweight title against Nick Diaz last Saturday night, things are going to be tough for GSP, something that he had never encountered for a long four years.

Analyst said that Condit who outsmarted Diaz in UFC 143 is going to be the best and toughest opponent that GSP is going to face once he steps into the octagon. Winning four straight victories and amassing 27 professional MMA fights, Condit surely shows GSP how tough he is going to be.

In his latest victory against highly favored Diaz, Condit displayed how mentally prepared he was and outsmarting the best welterweight fighter today for 25 minutes. In UFC 143 he just proved to the world that he got what it takes to be the best fighter and never bugged down from all adversities, never wilt away. As Diaz throws everything in the second round, Condit remained tough and heed his coach’s warning not to suck into his opponent’s game plan. And in last five minute of the match, he was almost rear choked and could have been beaten, but he remained steadfast and broke himself free and stand up a winner.

But is this good enough when he face GSP? Condit as a striker is already the winner over GSP. He can throw a lot of combinations and can display diverse submissions styles too. His grappling and wrestling skills may have to be a tall order especially if he has to take GSP down. And that is something that a lot of analyst has to warn him about.

For GSP, he has been out of the octagon for four years, nursing a knee injury. Knee injury to most athletes is really dangerous and some never recover from this injury. He is also going for a year and half off the octagon if he fights Condit this November, notwithstanding that he is three older than the challenger. Check out our range of mma shorts, we have new items in stock.

These factors may favour Condit, but surely GSP will do everything to hang on clean slate record.